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About me


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The best way to find out about what I do is through my YouTube channel. Now ... before summarizing about my work and academic experience let tell you a very important thing, practice is KING and experience is worth more than any diploma. That does not mean that I recommend not to study, nor implying that I didn´t, I´m just highlighting that in the Marketing world everything you learn in a classroom now will be obsolete in a few years ... sometimes even in months.

Having said this:

I have a degree in International Business, a Master's degree in Marketing and Business Management, a Diploma in Management Skills, as well as some specialty courses in diverse marketing subjects.

I have spent most of my career in various Marketing positions in various industries.

I will share with you the things that I´ve learned in the simplest and most digestible way possible with SIMPLE MKT.



by Joako Baena Q

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